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Synchronous Telescopic Cylinders

Produced by Jonic in 2 and 3 stages the cylinders are used in domestic lifts throughout the world.

Single acting means the cylinder only has a single port at the base of the cylinder.

The cylinder is extended by pumping oil into the port which extends the full bore of the largest section.  The oil in the annulus side of the largest section is then fed into the full bore of the next section extending that section and so on. 

The result is that all the rods extend together thus producing a single speed output which gives a smooth travel to the load.  The cylinder is lowered by releasing oil from the port usually through a flow control valve and the weight of the load retracts the cylinder. 

The cylinders usually incorporate a hose burst valve which will stop the cylinder retracting in the event of a hose failure.

Jonic is the largest manufacturer of domestic lift cylinders in the UK.


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