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Single Acting Cylinders

Single acting cylinders are the simplest form of cylinder.  They have a single inlet port for the hydraulic oil which can be either on the full bore side to push the load or on the annulus side to pull the load.

They have a piston which is sealed against the bore of the cylinder so the force generated by the cylinder relates to the full bore area if the cylinder is a push type or the annulus area if the cylinder is a pull type. 

The cylinder can only act in a single direction and must be returned by either a spring or more commonly the force generated by the load due to gravity. 

The side of the cylinder without the oil is vented to the atmosphere.

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple construction Cannot be hydraulically retracted
Cheap to manufacture Requires external force to retract
Only one feed required Vent can generate noise
Force generated relates to the cylinder bore diameter Corrosion of the vented side can be a major issue


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