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Double Acting Tube Fed Cylinder

A double acting tube fed cylinder is the most conventional cylinder design.  The oil is fed into the tube body and displaces the piston on the end of the rod.  If oil enters the full bore port it must leave the annulus port and visa versa.  In this example the oil enters the cylinder via a valve block and is hard piped to the cylinder body but this could be two simple ports either end of the tube. 

The force generated by the cylinder is related to the area upon which the pressure acts.  This means that the force extending the cylinder which is applied to the full bore is greater than the force to retract the cylinder which is applied to the annulus area.  The annulus area is the area of the full bore less the area of the rod.  This difference in areas means that for a given flow the cylinder will retract faster than it will extend.

Advantages Disadvantages
Able to extend and retract a load. Requires two feeds.
Valves can be incorporated to control a varying load. Stroke is less than the closed centres.
Oil filled bore – no corrosion issues.


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